Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my listing be on site for?

All listings last for a period of 12 months. You have the ability to edit or delete your listing within this 12 month period. You will be able to make unlimited edits to your listing. However you will not have the ability to change the name of the listing.


How do i change my listing to display as SOLD?

Within each of your personal listings, you will have the capacity to change the status of a listing to SOLD.

How long does my listing appear as sold for?

Your advert will appear and display as SOLD for a week before going into our sold archive on the bottom footer of the page. You can then find your animal, and other sold animals, within each respective sold section.

How do I upgrade my listing to Premium?

You will be able to upgrade at several stages through the listing process. If you have already listed, you can upgrade through the ‘My Account’ section and ‘Edit Listing’. Upgrading your listing will help you sell by making it stand out with a bold border, giving it priority positioning in the search results and adding it to the homepage feature carousel.

I have just purchased a horse/greyhound and would like to sell shares in it. Can I do this?

No. This is considered a managed investment scheme and is subject to ASIC regulations. All investment schemes, such as syndications, must be licensed and display an AFSL number.

If I purchase a share from a licensed syndicator, can I sell that share?

No. The share needs to be listed and sold through the original licensed syndicator.

Under what circumstances am I allowed to sell my share in a horse?

If your share in the horse is a part of a private ownership group (private partnership or private syndication), then you can sell your share through our Private Shares category.

My horse/greyhound has raced since I posted the listing. Can I make changes to the listing to update it?

Yes. We encourage you to consistently update your listing to enhance your selling prospects. After you have logged in, you can view each of your listings within the ‘Your Listings’ section. Here you will see each of your listings with the option to edit each of your listings.

How long does it take for my listing to appear on site?

Your listing will appear on site as soon as we receive payment, which in most cases will be instantly. If it doesn’t appear on site, please email us and we can investigate it straight away.

I have a question that is not displayed here...

Please forward all questions and feedback to [email protected] We will respond promptly to any further questions you may have