Mission Statement

‘To spread the joy of Racing’

Our Story

The idea for racingsales.com.au originated from our frustration at the process and cost of trying to buy and sell through various avenues. Our website is designed to improve the process and align our values with yours. We provide an efficient and user-friendly platform for users to buy and sell Thoroughbreds, Greyhounds and Standardbreds in an economical manner.


Racingsales.com.au has been designed by racing owners for racing owners, so we have implemented many features that fulfill the requirements of industry participants when buying and selling.

We are excited to announce that we are the first online business to host an advertising platform to buy and sell for all three racing codes. By doing so we are offering a website that will be subject to:

  • A high volume of traffic
  • A diverse range of racing stakeholders
  • An opportunity for cross-selling and cross-promotion between the racing codes

The website caters for all types of sales, from those yet to start their racing career, through to ex-race horses and Greyhound Adoption. Life after racing is important to us at racingsales.com.au and we are committed to promoting it. We also have specific categories for breeding related sales, and we recognise the significance of syndicators in racing and we cater for their needs, as well as the sale of private shares.